441 - An Ode to winnipeg

Introducing our intimate two story venue in the exchange district, designed with a close eye to detail and built to pay tribute to the city, it’s people, and its culture as a downtown nightclub.


the 441 way


For us, a drink provided an excuse to meet with friends and discuss work, life and matter of the heart. But by building 441, we soon realized it’s more than just a place to grab a drink, it’s a hotbed for ideas — A meeting place for free thinkers and tomorrow’s leaders.

Every inch of our intimate space has a story of its own: from wood slat walls, industrial lighting and cutting-edge sound to the vibrant art, an open concept kitchen and a mixology focused bar


So much of this city has changed, but at the heart of it all is a social community who likes their drinks stiff, their food warm and their friends close.

What we have always loved about a drink is its power to bring people together. What we love about 441 is its power to bring the RIGHT PEOPLE together. Nights out aren’t just nights out at 441, they’re networking opportunities. You never know who you’re going to run into.


Dress Code

Dress fashionable as though you are going to meet someone. Chances are, you will!

The following items are NOT allowed at 441 Main:

  • Tank Tops / Muscle Shirts / Cut-off Sleeves

  • Track Pants / Track Suits / Gym Gear

  • Torn Clothing

  • Slippers

  • Excessively Baggy Clothing

  • Backwards Baseball Caps / Beanies / Bandanas / Toques

  • Sunglasses

  • Grills

  • Men’s necklaces more than 4 inches below the collar line

  • Jerseys/ Hoodies

  • Bedazzled Clothing (Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Dom Rebel, etc)

  • Gang Associated Clothing / Colours

  • Dirty and or Wrinkled Clothing

    *We appreciate you covering excessive tattoos and over the top piercing and body body modifications.

    **Priority entry will be offered to those sporting an upscale casual getup.

    ***Feel free to support our Jets and Blue Bomber on game day with team attire.

House Rules

We all enjoy a drink, we all like to have fun. 441 is all about the people and making healthy connections. We ask that above all, you’re kind to your neighbour. If a situation is to arise we encourage you to notify staff rather than taking matters into your own hands. We’re all friends here!

Now here’s the stuff we have to tell you…

Valid, government issued photo ID will be requested at the front door. Our staff reserves the right to ask for a second piece of valid, government issued photo ID when applicable. Refused entry can be deemed to those individuals who appear to be intoxicated. Illegal & overly boisterous activities that threaten the safety and enjoyment of other guests will not be tolerated.